P9-Mechanical Properties of Solids

This course contains detailed pdf notes + practice problems on Mechanical Properties of Solids. This is ideal for CET, JEE Main, JEE Adv and NEET aspirants.

Subtopics :

1.Inter Automatic & Intermolecular Force
2.Elastic Behaviour of Solids 
3.Mechanical Properties of Solids
4.Stress & Strain 
5.Hooke’s Law
6.Stress- Strain Curve
7.Elastic Modul I
8.Thermal Stress
9.Bars of Varying Cross Sections
10.Bars of Composite Section
11.Work Done in A Stretched Wire 
12.Application of Elasticity 

Question set has
1. 21 Solved Examples that explains the concepts clearly
2. 9 Conceptual Questions
3. 24 MCQ (One option correct)
4. 28 Questions(More than one option correct, Assertion reason, Passage, Match the column)
5. 12 Questions(Subjective)
6. 6 Questions from the earlier exams

Please Note:
1: It’s a single pdf file, totaling 28 pages.
2: Since these are scanned pages, few pages will have less clarity. We are working on it.
3: You can access it only by logging into the portal.
4: You can’t download it.
5: No video lectures are associated with this file.


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