C7-Chemical Equilibrium

This course contains detailed pdf notes + practice problems on Chemical Equilibrium. This is ideal for CET, JEE Main, JEE Adv and NEET aspirants.

Subtopics :

1.Irreversible & Reversible Reactions
2.State of Equilibrium
3.Equilibria  Involving Physical Changes 
4.Equilibrium Between A Solid & Its Solution 
5.Equilibrium Between A Gas & Its Solution in A Liquid 
6.Equilibria Involving Chemical Systems
7.Law of Mass Action
8.Application of Law of Mass Action 
9.Equilibrium Constant For Heterogeneous Equilibria
10.Reaction Quotient
11.Predicting The Direction & Extent of Reaction From The Magnitude of Equilibrium Constant
12.The Le-Chatelier Principle
13.Applications of Le-Chatelier Principle
14.Dependence of Kp or  K6 On Temperature
15.Free Energy & Chemical Equilibrium

Question set has
1. 72 Solved Examples that explains the concepts clearly
2. 80 MCQ (One option correct)
3. 37 Questions(More than one option correct, Assertion reason, Passage, Match the column)
4. 17 Questions(Subjective)
5. 19 Questions from the earlier exams

Please Note:
1: It’s a single pdf file, totaling 72 pages.
2: Since these are scanned pages, few pages will have less clarity. We are working on it.
3: You can access it only by logging into the portal.
4: You can’t download it.
5: No video lectures are associated with this file.


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