This course contains detailed pdf notes + practice problems on Thermodynamics. This is ideal for CET, JEE Main, JEE Adv and NEET aspirants.

Subtopics :

1.Some Fundamental Definitions
2.Spontaneous & Non-Spontaneous Processes
3.Thermodynamic Equilibrium
4.Zeroth  Law 
5.First Law of Thermodynamics 
6.Heat Capacity of A System
8.Exothermic & Endothermic Reactions
9.Thermochemical Equations 
10.Factor Which Affects The Heat of Reaction 
11.Bond Enthalpies( Bond Energies)
13.Law of Thermochemistry
14.Born Haber Cycle 
15.Standard Molar Enthalpy of Formation
16.Calculation of Enthalpies of Reactions( or Heats of Reactions)
17.Joule Thomson Effect 
18.Inversion Temperature 
19.Second Law of Thermodynamics 
20.Carnot Cycle 
21.Gibbs Free Energy
22.The Standard Free Energy of Formation of A Compound 
23.Phase Transitions
24.Free Energy Change & Equilibrium Constant 
25.Effect of Temperature(T) On Equilibrium Constant (K)
26.Free Energy & Electromotive Force of A Cell 
27.Variation of Equilibrium Vapour Pressure of A Liquid With Temperature 
28.Third Law of Thermodynamics

Question set has
1. 72 Solved Examples that explains the concepts clearly
2. 85 MCQ (One option correct)
3. 37 Questions(More than one option correct, Assertion reason, Passage, Match the column)
4. 20 Questions(Subjective)
5. 22 Questions from the earlier exams

Please Note:
1: It’s a single pdf file, totaling 74 pages.
2: Since these are scanned pages, few pages will have less clarity. We are working on it.
3: You can access it only by logging into the portal.
4: You can’t download it.
5: No video lectures are associated with this file.


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