C5-States of Matter

This course contains detailed pdf notes + practice problems on States of Matter. This is ideal for CET, JEE Main, JEE Adv and NEET aspirants.

Subtopics :

1.Intermolecular Attractions
2.Dipole-Dipole Forces
3.London Forces 
4.Thermal Energy
5.Gas Laws 
6.Ideal Gas Equation 
7.Postulates of The Kinetic Theory of Gases
8.Degree of Freedom 
9.Maxwell’s Law  of Equipartition  of Energy
10.Deviation From Ideal Behaviour 
11.Van Der Waals  Equation
12.Critical Phenomenon &  Liquification of Gases 
14.Isothermal Variation of Pressure With Altitude in The  Gravitational Field
15.The Liquid State
16.Factors Affecting The Surface Tension
19.Vapour Pressure

Question set has
1. 79 Solved Examples that explains the concepts clearly
2. 59 MCQ (One option correct)
3. 32 Questions(More than one option correct, Assertion reason, Passage, Match the column)
4. 15 Questions(Subjective)
5. 18 Questions from the earlier exams

Please Note:
1: It’s a single pdf file, totaling 76 pages.
2: Since these are scanned pages, few pages will have less clarity. We are working on it.
3: You can access it only by logging into the portal.
4: You can’t download it.
5: No video lectures are associated with this file.


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