C4-Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure

This course contains detailed pdf notes + practice problems on Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure. This is ideal for CET, JEE Main, JEE Adv and NEET aspirants.

Subtopics :

1.Kossel- Lewis Approach to Chemical Bonding
3.Lewis Structure
4.Formal Charge
5.Classification of Chemical Bonds
6.Ionic Bond or Electrovalent Bond
7.Covalent Bond (By Mutual Sharing of  Electrons) 
8.Dipole Moment
9.Applications of Dipole Moment
10.Orbital Concept of Covalent Bond
11.Characteristics of Covalent Compounds
12.Covalent Character in Ionic Compound – Fazans Rule
13.Metallic Bond
14.Hydrogen Bonding 
15.Co-Ordinate Bond 
16.Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion(Vsepr) Theory 
17.Valence Bond Theory (VBT)
19.Shape of Molecule
20.Modified Glyesspie & My Nyome Theory
21.Molecular Orbital Theory (MOT)
22.Comparison of Valence Bond & Molecular Orbital Theories
24.Bond Parameters
25.Some Other Types of Chemical Bonds

Question set has
1. 59 Solved Examples that explains the concepts clearly
2. 88 MCQ (One option correct)
3. 35 Questions(More than one option correct, Assertion reason, Passage, Match the column)
4. 17 Questions(Subjective)
5. 14 Questions from the earlier exams

Please Note:
1: It’s a single pdf file, totaling 90 pages.
2: Since these are scanned pages, few pages will have less clarity. We are working on it.
3: You can access it only by logging into the portal.
4: You can’t download it.
5: No video lectures are associated with this file.


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